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We can handle everything from a new roof installation, restoration and maintenance to RE-ROOFS and repairs. All with the assurance that can solely come with years of experience and guarantees. Every customer is treated with the “personal touch” that comes from our team.

Thinking of removing your old roof tiles and putting new ones on? Wanting to add some value to your home? Like where you live but don’t like the roof ? freshen up the look of your home? Or when battens and eaves can no longer safely support the roof a re-roof is required.

RE-ROOFING is one of the best way to get that new modern look to your home without having to spend a fortune. The age of your roof is usually the major factor in determining when to replace it. A slow leak may not be noticeable until it is too late and then even the battens are unable to be salvaged and can cause major damage to the structure to your home. Have an inspection for a RE-ROOF before your existing roof causes damage to the foundation to your home.

We can have your old roof off and your new one on all in the same day. Give your house a new look today. So what are you waiting for don’t let your house get to the stage where your home is unsafe. Give us a call today and we will help keep a roof over your head! (:

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Yokine Re Roof Before


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Nedlands Re Roof


Roof sarking is an essential component of your roof. Sarking is a laminated aluminium foil layer that is installed under a roof before it is constructed. Some of the benefits from having Sarking installed during a RE-ROOF is it is flame retardant and suitable for use in buildings in bushfire prone areas!!! It will reflect up to 95% of the radiant heat which will help lower your bills helping keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter. Sarking under tiled roofs provides an effective barrier or second skin against the wind driven rain, dust and debris entering the roof space, particularly if the roof tiles become cracked or damaged.